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The College library has as its primary function, provision of books, monographs and serials as well as non-book materials necessary to meet the stated objectives of the College. library play a central role in the academic work of students in the college. As a result, the college library is vital especially to Veterinary and Medical Laboratory Sciencebstudents, Environmental health technology students, Environmental science and management Technology students, technology students, Nutrition and Dietetics students, health information management Technology students, computer science students,organic agricultural Technology Students, veterinary/medical Laboratory technology students, molecular biology and biotechnology students' education. The Library assists the College to achieve its tripodal mandate of teaching, research and extension. It is committed to improving its services in order to enhance learning and teaching as well as ensure seamless access to print and electronic information by members of the user community i.e. staff and students. The library offer other assistance to users such as reference services, Current Awareness Services (CAS), reprographic services, Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), document delivery, inter-library loan services and others. The library also extend its services beyond just making materials available to students by collaborating with National veterinary research institute (NVRI) and National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Library and The university of Jos Library.


The library collection has been growing steadily over the years. The library has the capacity of about 5,000 volumes of books and journals imprint format and a collection of over 200,000 volumes of e-resources via research4life database. We are considering the subscribtion of the following datases; a Elsevier e-journal, PROQUEST, Science Direct, AJORN and local journals in both electronic and print formats. The library is centrally located and with capacity to hold one hundred and thirsty users at a time. It also has a 12 hour reading room that can accommodate 15 user per time. The library has also been using the avenue of gifts and exchanges to supplement its collection.

Library Automation and E-library Services

The library started its automation programme in 2023. In line with the latest technology advancement, the library successfully installed KOHA an Integrated Library Management Software which enables users to access the library resources and services anywhere. At present, the library Online Open Access Catalogue (OPAC) is fully functional making it possible to populate the Catalogue for access to bibliographical details of library holdings/resources online via the link below.
FCVMLT LIBRARY INFORMATION SYSTEM The electronic collection development has also commence in earnest. Also, the library currently has access to the following electronic databases via the Research4Life:

  1. AGORA (Access to Global on-line Research in Agriculture).
  2. HINARI (Health International Network Access to Research Initiatives).
  3. OARE ( robots online resources on environmental and ecosystem)
  4. ARDI
  5. GOALI


The library offers the following services:

  • Reference Service: Reference queries are handled by the Reference Librarian as long as the library opens.
  • Serials: The serial and other ephemeral collection is open only to lecturers, final year students and those undergraduates referred to specific journals by their lecturers. Researchers from other institutions may also use serial resources on request.
  • Bibliographic Services:Bibliographic Services are also offered to interested users.
  • The library also provides current awareness services by publishing: Index to Agric. News and Articles in Selected Nigerian Newspapers and Magazines.
  • Home Borrowing Services: Each student is entitled to borrow 2 books for 1 weeks while lecturers are entitled to three books for three weeks each.
  • Reserve Book Service: Books in high demand or those with few copies are shelved in this section of the library. Also, there are books in reserve which can be consulted within this section of the Library. Before such books are released, students are expected to submit their identity cards to the staff on duty at the desk. Reserve books may also be borrowed for overnight and weekend use. These cards are returned when the books consulted are returned and checked by the staff.
  • Inter-Library Loan Services: As part of inter-library cooperation, some books may be borrowed from the college library on inter-library loan on behalf of library users. These books may be released for home use to the users who requested for them at the discretion of the College Librarian.
  • Teaching of “Use of Library”


Students register with the Library at the beginning of every session while staff register only once. Outsiders may be allowed, upon approval by the College Librarian to use the Library. A fee of N500.00 per year, per individual is charged for this facility. Students from other Institution must present letters of introduction from their respective institutions. Both students and staff will soon do their library registration online through the Koha Integrated Library Software.

Opening Hours

DURING SESSION : during session 8am -
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
DURING VACATION: Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm DURING EXAMINATION: 8am - 7am the following day ( 24 hours service)